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Not only am I a Marine Corps veteran, an inventor, an artist, jeweler, glassblower, sculptor, ceramist, and woodworker, but I am also a trained dental laboratory technician.


Norwood’s of Nashville Dental Laboratory Services specializes in the fast and professional creation of acrylic dentures, acrylic and flexible partials, and other removables. This specialty allows us to focus on the most time sensitive services that you offer to your customers.


Requests for other services not listed are welcomed.


  • Full Denture Complete: $250 (economy teeth)

                                      $280 (premium teeth)

  • Emergency Duplicate Denture: $100


  • Name in Denture: $20


  • Diagnostic Wax Up: $25


  • Acrylic Partial Complete: (1-6 teeth) $180 (economy teeth), $200 (premium teeth)

                                                    (7-13 teeth) $200 (economy teeth, $220 (premium teeth)


  • Flexible Partial Complete*: $230 (economy teeth), $250 (premium teeth)


  • Flippers: (1 tooth) $50

                           (2-3 teeth) $75
                           (4-7 teeth) $110

                         (8-10 teeth) $140
           (Wire clasps added where needed)


  • Repair**: $70 (simple break and 1 tooth), $85 (complex break)
                 Additional teeth: $10 (economy) $15 (premium)


  • Lingual Bar Reinforcement: $20

  • Clear Orthodontic Retainer: $50

  • Reline: $130 (acrylic), $140 (flexible)**


  • Custom Tray: $25

  • Other Services Available Upon Request


*Our flexible partials material can be relined and repaired, can be used in combination with hard acrylic denture materials, and contains no methyl-methacrylate monomer (MMA).

**Available only for flexible materials that can be repaired.

Characterisation is a standard feature on my flexible RPD's. 

While others offer only a monotone with no texturization, I use 3-4 shades for the tissue, clear or tissue colored clasps and texturing that is appropriate to each individual case. 

This is a standard service at no extra charge.

For services contact me at

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