Custom bronze and silver rune ring. This customizable ring can be a wedding band or a signature piece with your own message in runes or modern letters. It looks great with no inscription also.

The band is approx. 10mm wide and cast in an antique bronze. The inscriptions are not etched, but are hand cut through the bronze itself to give it a deep and striking look. A solid piece of silver is inserted into the ring and hand formed around the bronze before a final fusing with a torch. (It is solid silver and smooth on the inside) It is hand textured and given a patina. 
Bronze is much harder, more durable, and gives a better patina over time than similar copper rings. This is also much thicker and comfortable to wear than those made from a strip of copper and thin silver.

Each is made upon request for it's specific owner in their size, not mass produced and sized.


The inscriptions can be inlaid if desired with any color of inlay upon request. 

Prices start at $150. Each additional rune is $3. Specify which at checkout.

For no runes choose "1" and note that you wish it with no inscription at checkout.

Message us on our home page for requests not listed in the options for this ring.


As each piece is hand made for each individual, allow 2-3 weeks for production and mailing.

Bronze and Silver Rune Ring

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