This beast is hand forged, carved, ground, sanded and polished in sterling silver. Each link is approx 13/16ths of an inch long (2cm) and about the thickness of two U.S. quarters. A 9 inch bracelet weighs 70 grams. (2.46 ounces) The toggle clasp is made of crossed bones that make it much more secure than normal toggle clasps. 

Patina options are: Polished, Charcoal (all black), and Highlights (blackened with high points polished).

For lengths or customization (with skulls for example) not listed feel free to contact me.

Lengths chosen may be up to 1/2 of an inch longer but not shorter.


As each piece is hand crafted for it's owner, allow up to 3 weeks for me to make this beast and ship.

Forged Silver Bracelet / Necklace

Patina and Polishes

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