Our classic "Frankie" is a low profile, stylized skull ring in sterling silver or Shibuichi (a silver/copper allow used in decorations on Samurai swords). 

The silver comes with the finish options of: Polished, Bone White, Charcoal or Highlights (recesses darkened and high points polished).

The Shibuichi is untameable. The finish will look close to 10k-14k gold when polished but will develop its own patina over time usually darkening to brown or black. Polishing afterwards will give it a "Highlights" finish with the recesses darker than the rest. Thus, it ages well. We also offer to give it a fire patina. The colors will be beautiful but we cannot guarantee that it will be duplicated it as in the photos. We will guarantee that it will be awesome. 

If you wish for engraving in the forehead with up to 5 letters (ie: USMC, ARMY, NAVY, USAF, USCG, NYPD, NYFD, Eddie, Mary, Joe, etc.) it will be $30 extra. This is not a scratch on the surface but deeply carved into the ring. As this is custom, you will need to use the "Contact Us" form on the home page with the letters. Include your email and we will email you an invoice.


Each is created individually upon order. Allow up to two weeks for creation and shipment.

"Frankie" Silver Skull Ring

Metal and Finishes
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