Our "LOVE" bind rune pendant is all hand crafted. From the hand braided loop and bail to the body and the rune upon it, all is done by hand with pride. 

The runes "Wunjo" and "Gebo" are combined to form this bind rune. Wunjo is associated with overall joy and love while Gebo is for partnership. Thus, it is often used as a bind rune for love in a marriage or romantic partnership.


The piece that the rune mounts on can be either "Stone" as the first photos where the silver is hand ground to resemble stone ($85) or "Smooth rectangle" or "Smooth Circle" ($70) (not photographed).

The "Stone" shaped version is 1.25 inches tall including bail and loop and is approx. 14mm (over 1/2 an inch) wide. It is a fraction thicker than a U.S. quarter coin.

Patina choices come in "Polished" or "Highlights" where the low points are darkened and high points (and rune) polished.

Other single runes can be substituted. Upon checkout state in the notes which you prefer. Other customization available upon request. Feel free to message me using the contact form on the home page or email me at artist@norwoodsofnashville.com .
Chains as seen are available for an additional $20.

Gold versions available upon request. As gold prices fluctuate please state desired karat and we will give a price quote.

As each is hand made upon request, allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing and mailing.

"LOVE" Bind Rune Pendant

Chain Option
Patina and Polishes

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