These thick and solid hammers are berserker approved. They are individually cast, hand carved, ground, sanded and either polished or given a patina. Silver are $120. Bronze versions available also at $80.  The Mjolnir is approx. 1.25 inches (30mm) wide and 1 1/8th inches tall and 1 6/8th inches (43mm) tall with the loop and bail. It's approx. 3-4mm thick. (Two U.S. quarters stacked are about 3mm)
The backs are smooth for comfortable wear.


Finish options for the silver pendant include: Polished , Colored Patina (this may darken over time) (not yet pictured), All Black "Charcoal"(not pictured), and "Highlights" where the piece is darkened with high points polished. 

Finish options for the bronze pendant are "Polished" and "Earth"(Instead of Black) and "Highlights" with the recesses being the dark brown and high points resembling a polished gold bronze.


For the addition of runes or bind runes or other customization, contact us with our contact form or email us at


2mm rolo chains available with purchase for $20, however, it is recommended that these pendants be worn on larger chains for long term wear.


As each piece is made upon request, allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and mailing.

Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer - Rough

Patina and Polishes
Chain Option
Metal choice

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