This silver Mjolnir is hand crafted. It's not stamped out in machines by the thousands in China. Each is hand cut in two layers with a rune (of your choice) also hand cut through it before they are welded into one piece with the edges hand filed and sanded to be seamless. A hand formed bail and braided loop make it ready for a chain.


Each is polished. Due to lighting problems with a reflective surface, photos may not appear to be highly polished. The white of the hammer is actually the reflection of a white screen to prevent glare. (Though that gives me the idea to make colored enamel hammers......(coming soon!) )

It is 1.5 inches tall including the loop and bail with the hammer itself exactly one inch tall. The width is approx 7/8ths of an inch wide and it is the thickness of a U.S. quarter.


Specify in the notes upon checkout which rune you would like. For custom options (Size, type of metal, runes, bindrunes, etc) feel free to contact me on the message form on my home page or email me at .

Silver chains are $20 with purchase of the pendant.

As each piece is hand made, allow up to 2-3 weeks for fabrication and mailing.

Rune Hammer -Mjolnir

Chain Option

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