Hand carved sterling silver skull pendant. Approx. 45mm tall including the bail and around 25 grams of sterling silver. Customization available including jaw position, patina and rune or symbol engraving on the forehead. Message for customization of runes or symbols.

As with our rings, each can come in "Bone White" patina, "Polished", "Charcoal", or "Highlights" (dark recesses/polished high points). 


No jaw version is $180.

With the jaw is $200. Jaw positions are "scream", "laugh" and "silent"/closed.

Chains are $20 with purchase of the pendant.


As each piece is individually created, allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing and posting to the mail.

Silver Skull Pendant

Chain Option
Jaw Option and Position
Patina and Polishes

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